Wednesday, 30 April 2014

YCJA: Touching Spirit Bear - Litspiration Post 1

In the book Touching Spirit Bear the main character Cole is in a healing circle as part of his punishment for his crimes. There are many community member that attend these healing circles to help find a reasonable punishment or healing process for Cole. I am asked to pretend i am a member of this circle and how would I view him and his punishment from what i know about the Youth Criminal and Justice Act.
If i was a part of this circle i would put myself in Coles shoes and what would I do if my parents didn't care for me or even beat me. But the thing is some people in the circle didn't know this until announced by the circle keeper. All we knew until it was announced is that Cole robbed a hardware store and then after being snitched on by another student that attends his school he went and beat up that kid in revenge. That kid now have some physical and breathing problems. The Youth Criminal and Justice Act has a part where it says that creative punishments can be created for youth facing a criminal offence. This is where Cole got a creative punishment, that was thought of by his probation officer (Garvey), and it was to be sent to an island to live alone for one month. After being there for two days Cole was rushed to a hospital after being attacked by a bear. This left the circle in distrust of Cole after he attempted an escape and tried to kill a bear that is said to not even exist in the area. After what has happend we are supposed to find another punishment for Cole most of the circle members think he should be handed over to the courts after not completing was he was sent to do. But Cole thinks he is a changed boy after his near death experience and he may have found a meaning in his life.
If i was on this board I would see that Cole has been abused and needs to be put on track without going to prison, or else it may cause more anger to build up in his system and may cause more damage than healing. I would go for another creative punishment as long as this time Cole doesn't break his promise and doesn't fail to complete his period of punishment. So when the time comes that Garvey talks to the circle and asks for everyone to agree for Cole to be sent back to the island and repair the damages that he has caused.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Gins Task: Mini assingment

      The quote above that mans head is what Ishmeal beah said on pg. 21. This quote is very deep about the life he has been experiencing after he was saved and now living in New York. He has three worlds he is apart of, his dreams, his experiences in current day, that trigger flash backs of the past. I don't know how it would feel if this was happening to you but i feel it would very confusing and a horrible thing to happen to you. Because when you move to a new place because you are trying to get away from the hurt and suffering but the new place still has it just in a different "mental" form of it.
     When i was putting together this image i was thinking about how i could display the quote in a picture so i found this image of a man sitting on a bench, the cool thing i am thinking about is how in the image there is three worlds, The earth he is sitting on, the ocean ahead of him, and the bright magical sky above him. The bench symbolises the life that was built for him in New York and he is still sitting on it but it is only a small pedestal in the world(s) he lives in. The quote is wavy because he is thinking about it and thoughts arn't always in straight lines especially after you went through something as bad as he has.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Gins Post 7 - Free writing emotional feelings

Every morning i wake up with fear that me and my group are under attack i hear gun shots and woman , children and men screaming for the life they once had. I don’t have much to eat so i scramble to eat as much as i can find in arms reach as it takes to much energy to stand up until i am forced to. I lay in the dark dirty room for a while. others start waking up and i beginning to feel energy coming into me again because i know i am not alone. Ive been separated by most of my best friends and family and i don’t know the how to express my feelings anymore because i don’t feel sad anymore i am just a desensitized killing machine is what the rebels brain washed almost all the kids into Serria Leone into thinking they are. I still have flash backs of what life used to be like but sometimes it feels like the world has always been a blood bath and always will. None of the kids around talk about their past life so neither will I. Sometimes i feel like i am one second away from exploding into an emotional grenade but i still just sit there in silence as these emotional breakdowns come and pass in waves of terror. The worst thing about being a rebel fighter is that i know i am hurting people that have feeling just like i once did but none of it feels real anymore. Most days that we don’t come across a other group and fight, i just sit in the corner and have no thoughts of what is happening. Some days i close my eyes and go into the movie that is playing in my head, every night there is a different movie sometimes horrible things, sometimes lovely. But most days i don’t sleep at all because the ratter of gunfire is always in the air so i sit in silence exactly how my day went but this time i feel alone.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Gins post 6

Global Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Application of Charter:
·    This charter applies to and gives all humans basic rights that they deserve
·    These rights no not however; bypass any law set by the government
·    Parliament or the legislature of a country may re-enact a declaration made under any subsection
·    With these rights come responsibilities;
o   Do not misuse the rights applicable to you. (with every right also comes a responsibility)
Equality Rights:
·    The right to be treated without discrimination no matter your age, gender, race, mental or physical disability and ethnicity
Fundamental Freedoms
·    Freedom to choose and express your own religion
·    Freedom of expression within limits
·    Freedom to associate with whomever you choose
·    Freedom of talking to the media within limits
·    Freedom to organize peaceful meetings
·    Freedom to practice any profession
·    Freedom to enjoy life to its fullest
·    The right to any nationality you choose
Democratic Rights:
·    The right to Vote for the party that you think best
·    The right to re-elect parliament every four years
·    Parliament must meet up at least once every 12 months
·    The right to be a part of the legislative assembly if you are a citizen
Education Rights:
·    Children under the age of 18 have the right to a proper education
·    The right to be provided education in the language closed to yours
·    The right to be educated in your first language if there is a lot of people in your area with the same first language
·    The right to primary and secondary school instruction  
Mobility Rights
·    The basic rights of all citizens to travel abroad and return to their country whenever they choose
·    The citizens of any chosen country have the protection of the state, the state shall defend their rights even with they chose to live abroad
·    Foreign citizens/ residents shall be given the same treatment as other individuals
·    The right to work and earn a living in any country where you are a citizen or are given a work residency
Guarantee of rights and freedoms:
·    These rights and freedoms can not be taken away from you
Power of parliament
·    Parliament should be able to control militia, military and defence
·    Can not abuse the power or status that is given to them  
Legal rights
·    The right not to be arbitrarily detained or imprisoned without have a hearing in court
·    The right to be free of imprisonment, search, or seizure without reasons backed by evidence  
·    The right to be innocent until proven guilty
·    The right to be given a fair trial in front of an impartial judge
·    The right to self defence when necessary  
·    The right not to be subjected to any cruel and unusual treatment or punishment
·    The right to be free from human and/ or child trafficking
Child Rights
·    The right to their identity
·    The power to keep children out of the army (applicable to anyone under the age of 18)
·    The right to be free of child Labour
·    The right of freedom and not be detained
·    The right to be nurtured, give basic health and social security
·    The right to have a strong education that can not be taken away from them
·    The right to be free from sexual, mental or other forms of physical abuse
Health care
·    everyone has the right to be treated when or if in a dire situation, that may be fatal or cause a problem in life
In class today A group of 3 other people and me created a Global Charter Of Rights and freedoms that refers to help some of the issues discussed in our Novels. Like child soldiers, human trafficking and torture. We added in rights that made it illegal for people to be made child soldiers and for people to be treated with the amount of respect you would give any other human being. There were many rights that also did not accept these treatment in the already made documents but we thought i would be better if they had their own points not just to be referred to from others.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Gin post 5

In my book The Long Way Gone, based in Sierra Leone, there is a charter of rights and freedoms like the one in canada called African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights. Yet at the time that the book was based (1991-2004) there was no such document that was in place by the government. People were on their own i that is why the civil war was started. To fight for the rights of the people. If this was in Canada there would be no such war going on over the rights of people. Because in 1991 there was still a Charter Of Rights And Freedoms. And if this the war was still going on anyway they would be violating tons of rights in the country of canada. Like the fundamental freedoms of freedom of peaceful assembly, Legal rights; that Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure, Everyone has the right not to be subjected to any cruel and unusual treatment or punishment, Equality rights; Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability. The funny thing about the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights is that this was put in place by the UN peacekeeping forces when they saw that the people of Sierra Leone were being treated like they have no rights in forced at all, because of all the corrupt officials. Ever since the UN established the charter there has been peace in Sierra Leone, Mostly because there are no more corrupt officials in the area after the UN took over the operation.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

GINS Post 4

The issue in this book is about rebels attempting to over ride the government who has lots of money. The government in Serria Leone (where the book is based) is rich with money they get from mining diamonds in many of the countries diamond mines. But the a lot of people of Serria Leone are suffering from poverty and are living in harsh living conditions. The economic situation in Serria Leone is brutal because many people can’t even afford to buy food they need to live a healthy happy life. So when the civil war broke out over the economic situation many people and the government were put into a red alert. The rebels fought ruthlessly because they could not buy things they needed or even wanted. If i lived there and couldn’t even buy my self food to eat when i was hungry i can understand why they would get so mad at a government who does nothing for the people of there country who work in the mines that fund them. In the book before the war started they had to walk far to get there water, this shows how difficult it is for them. When the war started the economics of Serria Leone shifted from a market economy to a purely market economy that has no government involvement to the people because the government thought it was all of the people yet many people thought the rebels were the enemies. Known as a shift right. Picture: